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I Phone Mail Setupfornon Exchangemail

How to set up Mail on your iPhone (or iPod Touch) to check your Gator Link E-mail

First start off by tapping on the Settings icon on your home screen.
Now tap the Mail, Contacts, Calendars option.
Here you can tap "Add Account..." to start adding your Gator Link e-mail account to your Mail application.
Now tap Other.
Then, tap "Add Mail Account":
Once here, you can input your name, your Gator Link e-mail address (don't forget the, and your Gator Link password.
Now you can select to configure Mail to use either IMAP or POP. IMAP is recommended because synchronizes your email between the server and your phone. POP is NOT recommended because it will download all your mail to your phone and will not keep a copy in your webmail or on your computer!
In the Incoming Mail Server section, type (or alternatively but remember, imap is preferred!) for the Host Name. Then type in your Gator Link user name and password.
In the Outgoing Mail Server, type in and then your Gator Link user name and password again. Then press save. Your account will verify and it will then take you back to the main Mail, Contacts, Calendar screen.

At this point your email should work. To test this, go back to the home screen, click on "mail", and send yourself a test email. If your mailbox is not working properly, continue on and verify the following settings:

If your mailbox is still not working, go back into settings, then "mail, contacts, calendar", then into your gatorlink mailbox settings. Scroll down, and your settings should look like this picture. Now tap on Advanced.
Just to verify your settings, "Use SSL" should be on, "Authentication" should be set to Password, and the "Server Port" should read 993.
Now go back and select the SMTP option under "Outgoing Mail Server".
Then, tap "" under the Primary Server.
In this section your options should look like the picture and sure that your "Server Port" is set to 587, which allows you to send e-mail through from wherever you're connected.

Your Mail application is now set up to check your Gator Link e-mail!

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